Healing from Grief and Loss

“Life is a process of accumulating losses.
How we integrate or ignore, process or push away those losses -- of everything: jobs, friendships, relationships, health, things that matter to us -- starts to become patterns” - Donna Schuurman, family therapist, executive director emeritus, the Dougy Center, Portland, OR.

It’s human nature to form deep connections with other people, animals, places, and things. The things you love provide you with an immense amount of joy and even give you a newfound purpose in your own life. Yet, you can rarely fully prepare yourself for the loss of something near and dear to you. When such a traumatic loss occurs, both the body and mind respond in the form of grief. The grieving process can be long and arduous, but it’s absolutely necessary to move forward with your life.

Join us here and learn new ways to get through this difficult time.

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