Covid 19 
Adapting To A New Normal

If someone had arrived at your home on New Year's Eve 2019 and told you that a global pandemic would shut the world down you would have laughed. It was unthinkable.

The idea that workplaces would ground to a halt. 
The idea that everyone would work from home or not work at all or would wear masks to pick up groceries. It was unthinkable.

It was unthinkable to consider that air travel would all but stop and that millions of people all over the world would die after contracting a highly contagious virus.
It seemed unthinkable until it happened.

While epidemiologists had warned us that a pandemic was inevitable, the rest of us carried on regardless.
As far as its impact, well, we don't really know yet because we're still in a pandemic. However, you personally can make changes now to prepare yourself for a brand new you, a brand new world in 2021.

Ready to make this your best year EVER?

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