What are Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are repetitive statements or phrases that are used to alter the conscious and subconscious mind.
To create a positive affirmation, a person will write out a statement that they wish to be or become true. This statement could be the fulfillment of a dream or an accomplishment or other upgrade of ideas or circumstances.
A positive affirmation allows us to repeat a new idea in our heads so we come accustomed to the idea as our new truth. When we say a statement out loud or repeat it silently in the mind, our body and mind begins to believe the statement as true, even if it hasn’t happened yet.
When we use a positive affirmation, we can shift our self-talk and improve our self-awareness. We can use positive affirmations to get through a variety of difficult situations and scenarios. Positive affirmations have been used in ancient traditions for thousands of years and are also known by the term mantra.
Spiritual teachers have traditionally assigned mantras to student on the spiritual path to be repeated hundreds and thousands of times in devotion to various Gods.
In modern times, positive affirmation is a form of mantra used to treat ailments like depression, sadness and anxiety and also to improve sleep, performance and life satisfaction.

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